Designed & Manufactured in the UK
  • Overfill Prevention
  • Tank Level Control
  • Float Operated Valves
  • Multi Tank Refuelling
  • Maintaining fuel level during “Fuel Burn”
  • FV48 1” & FV40 ¾” exceed BSEN 13616 Overfill Prevention devices for Liquid fuels.
    All valves are intrinsically safe with no effective ignition source.
  • Level control VALVES for diesel and fluid tanks.
    Specialized “float operated level control and overfill protection valves” for MARINE and OIL Industries.

FV48 1” Float Operated Valve

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FV40 3/4” Float Operated Valve

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Float Operated Level Control Valves For:

Diesel Day Tank Generator fuel tank, Diesel driven Fire pump tank, Storage Tank

Our FV range of valves ensure an accurate level control of the liquid in the tank and protect the tank from overfilling and can be set in the tank to fill from vertical or horizontal inlets. The valve component materials comprise of Stainless Steel, Anodised Aluminium, ACETAL-C and PTFE. Seals are manufactured and supplied in VITON.

FLUIDVALVES has a long experience on the design and manufacture of Float Operated level control for diesel, coolant, light oils, chemicals and water. Design of our valves using SOLIDWORKS professional. Applications for the valves  include – Float Valves for Diesel Day Tanks, Main Storage Tanks, Cooling Towers and Vehicular Tanks.

ATEX 2014/34/EU – The Fluidvalves FV range of valves have been designed for soft shut off level control with no surge or hammer, with no effective ignition therefore fall outside the scope of the ATEX directive. See “about us” for more detailed information on this subject.